Kumpulan Kata Motivasi Islam Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

Shobatasmo.com – Kata Kata Bijak Motivasi Islam kerap kita ingin membagikannya di Media Sosial milik kita dengan dikasih caption pada gambar lalu di upload melalui instagram atau facebook.

Biasanya ketika kita ingin membuat status mengenai motivasi islam terkadang itu bisa menyejukan hati hanya dengan kata kata dalam motivasi islam. Dan itu tentu akan menjadi nilai plus ketika kita membuat status itu dalam bahasa inggris

Kata Kata Motivasi Islam Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Kata Kata Motivasi Islam Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Terkadang untuk mencari kata kata motivasi iskam dalam bahasa inggris cukup sulit oleh karena itu saya akan kasih beberapa kata kata motivasi islam atau kata kata bijak islam dalam bahasa inggris yang bisa kamu copy.

Silahkan Copy Paste Kata kata dibawah ini yang bisa kamu gunakan dan buat status dengan caption gambar kamu dibarengi dengan kata-kata dibawah. Semoga bermanfaat silahkan cek di bawah.

Kata Mutiara Islam Tentang Wanita Bahasa Inggris

1. “I always pray and hope that you are the one who will be with me in obedience”

2. “Hopefully it is you who will become my life’s companion”

3. “Rest assured that there are prayers that continue to be prayed to God who is unbroken from our parents so that we always become a pious and pious child”

4. “Be assured that the problem that is happening to you today is God’s way to remind you to be closer to Him”

5. “Do not ever complain with our current condition, because who knows our current condition is a condition desired by others”

6. “Treasure, if it is only eaten, it will become dirt, if it is only stored, it will be a struggle, if it is given, it will be replaced with something better by God”

7. “There is a match that has been arranged, if you are still single it means you are difficult to manage”

8. “Anyone who longs for success, must ask himself how far and earnestly to fight, because there is no success without struggle”

9. “Don’t feel a higher degree than others until you know our position in the afterlife”

10. “Whoever wants his prayer granted and freed from difficulties, let him overcome the difficulties of others”

11. “Death is not waiting for us to repent, but we are the ones who are waiting for death by repenting”

12. “Disasters that make you return to God are better than favors that make you forget God”

13. “The richest person is someone who accepts the distribution of destiny from Allah with pleasure”

14. “The harshest punishment from God when God has closed us to be able to do and do good things”

15. “A good man is not easy to say love without being responsible by marrying him”

16. “Stop going out with a pack of flowers of love, start a serious relationship with the courage to shake his parents’ arms”

17. “Because if it is God’s match, God will draw closer, not distance”

18. “Beauty is meaningless if our hearts rot. Like a book with a good cover, but with bad contents “

19. “The best things in the world cannot be seen or touched. It can be felt in the heart “

20. “Never a bad day makes you think you have a bad life”

21. “Everyone deserves a second chance, but not for the same mistake”

22. “Be a lover, not a warrior. But always get ready to fight for what you love “

23. “Life has two rules: 1. Don’t give up, 2. Always remember the first rule”

24. “do what is right, not what is easy “

25. “You really can’t go back and change the past, but you can change yourself and the future”

Kata Kata Mutiara Singkat Motivasi Islam Bahasa Inggris

1. “The one I am most afraid of of this people is a hypocrite of knowledge”

2. “Character of human negligence is often complaining when being tested and rarely grateful when getting a favor”

3. “Friends are those who when with us, he strengthens us and if not by our side they are people who always pray for our good”

4. “Be a Muslim woman who has two beautiful, outer beauties protected by shari’a. Beautiful in being adorned with commendable morals “

5. “Chosen because appearance might boast, but was chosen because his religion was far more awesome”

6. “There is no one who hunts down the world he will succeed, instead he is awaited with the problems that will befall him”

7. “Happiness lies in winning the fight against lust and withhold excessive will”

8. “Those who are too deeply hurt are caused to leave too far in love with Allah and His Messenger”

9. “What is the use of living 100 years if you do not pray and not recite”

10. “The person who is strong is not he who never cries, but the person who keeps istiqomah in the midst of temptation”

11. “No matter how bad the problem you face, rest assured that it can still be faced”

12. “Alms are not the same as mathematics can be added, subtracted, divided and multiplied. Because alms will be abundant and multiply back to us “

13. “Because those who only show disosmed affectionate photos will be inferior to those who put photos in the marriage book”

14. “God’s promise never disappoints, and if you still feel disappointed there might be something wrong with your faith”

15. “For all the pain you experience, be patient and endure, because God knows where your limits are”

16. “If from the start you are looking for is the pleasure of Allah, surely you will never choose dating. Look at the consequences, eventually you will sink “

17. “The power to love is the greatest gift given by God to humans, because that power will not be able to be grabbed by people who love”

18. “Do not let your tongue mention the shortcomings of others, because you also have flaws and other people also have tongues”

19. “A Muslim is a person who does not hurt other Muslims with his mouth and hands”

20. “Let your words always be wet with much remembrance of Allah”

21. “Make every day an opportunity to become a better Muslim”

22. “Allah made you a Muslim because He wants to see you in heaven, all you need to do is you deserve it”

23. “Happiness will not come to those who are not grateful for what they already have”

24. “Allah knows what is best for you and when is the best time for you to have it”

25. “The solution to every problem is patience and forgiveness”

Kata Kata Islam Tentang Cinta Bahasa Inggris

1. “Shyness is a golden robe that is required by God for a woman to maintain her honor”

2. “Be grateful if in your waiting, you remain persistent in solitude, because it means you have glorified the way of Allah”

3. “You must emphasize to those who are accustomed to pouting you, that being single does not mean pretentious, singles are self-attitude to obey God”

4. “It’s not that God doesn’t know how lonely your heart is, God also knows you are able to persevere in obedience until a human comes to take you flying to the island of happiness”

5. “Allah will not come to a relationship that violates Allah’s prohibition”

6. “For those of you who persevere still choose to be pure in waiting. May Allah hurry up the match that comes for you “

7. “No need to be confused thinking about what your soul mate will be, God willing, he will not be far from what you are right now”

8. “All human beings will be held responsible for the end of the day”

9. “For best friends, keep istiqomah in the hijrah even though temptation comes crashing”

10. “It’s better to be insinuated when reminded, than to feel nothing when reminded”

11. “No matter what the conditions are, no matter how far away the distance is, if it is indeed a match, it will definitely be found”

12. “Become a person who wants to know a lot with a lot
asking is actually luckier than someone who is reluctant to ask because he feels he knows a lot ”

13. “The person who truly earns is not one who likes to boast and spit it out, but who likes to give and make others happy”

14. “If you find a disgrace that is in a person then explore the disgrace that is in yourself, because not necessarily you have less disgrace than that person”

15. “Don’t choose someone who is beautiful or handsome for the world. But choose someone who will make your world beautiful. “

16. “Keeping each other close to God. Hopefully someday go to heaven “

17. “The happiest couple in the world never have the same nature. They only understand each other well about the differences they have ”

18. “I want a love that will say:” Even death will not separate us, because someday we will be reunited in heaven, God willing “

19. “If someone corrects his prayer, a sign that he is improving his life”

20. “Choose a tolerant man. He just accepts the difference with others, especially if it’s just your lack ”

21. “A wise man will focus on improving himself, not boasting about his strengths”

22. “I learned to love the sound of my footsteps that move away from things that are not useful to me”

23. “Never give up, because big things take time”

24. “Happy people don’t need to have all the best. He just needs to make everything good “

25. “The best time to start anew is now”

Kata kata Bijak Motivasi Islam Bahasa Inggris

1. “You don’t have to be perfect, at least you always try to be strict in every time you have. Because we will work together to build a house in heaven “

2. “Men who express love before the halal period arrive and do not move immediately justify it. Then he has dropped his pride “

3. “The woman has a weakness of the ear, unable to hear the words with a sentence. But know that women are the most loyal creatures in one name “

4. “People who are great today, were once lazy and humiliated, but he changed and rose to become a better person”

5. “One of the characteristics of a loyal man is the courage to marry him, not dating him. Moreover, leaving it when everything was handed over “

6. “Don’t waste your time loving people who don’t love Allah and His Messenger”

7. “The quality of a child is determined by how the quality of both parents”

8. “Don’t be too focused to correct, because we should always be introspective”

9. “No matter how luxurious our lifestyle is, someday our land will return”

10. “Many people are negligent in pursuing knowledge, whereas in carrying out all activities are always moving on the basis of knowledge”

11. “A very extraordinary favor is when we can still see the twilight

Kata Kata Islam Penyejuk Hati Bahasa Inggris

1. “If you want to achieve something in a high place then we need a chair, if we have a dream then we need God with endeavor and prayer”

2. “Believe in God when things do not work out as you hope. God has a good plan for you “

3. “Love the world, the world will go, love for humans, people will die. Then love God because he is the eternal forever “

4. “A good man will not play with love because he knows the word love demands responsibility”

5. “We ourselves can determine whether our love bears a sin or be rewarded”

6. “Just focus on self-improvement, if God has considered enough time then a match will be brought by God”

7. “His hijab does not guarantee holiness, but it is certain that the hijab is better than the hijab”

8. “A match is not fast anyone can certainly, but if God has determined it certainly can”

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9. “There will come a time when a beautiful woman will lose out to a woman who admires her faith and religion”

10. “Until when will self-improvement? Until your heart is moved by Allah to have the heart of him who is also moved by Allah “

11. “Hopefully all our efforts to earn a fortune today always get blessing”

12. “Keep on getting excited for him who is currently struggling to justify you”

13. “It turns out that perfect love knows no form, perfect love only knows taste. A sense of complementarity “

14. “Allah is all-powerful and God is all-knowing, so even though you and I are not us, God willing this is the best”

15. “Who never left you except Allah is your mother’s prayer”

16. “One of the happiness in this world is, me and you can build a household full of obedience to God”

17. “Don’t just give thanks to God when everything is fine, but give thanks in all circumstances and conditions”

18. “Why expect stars? If we can ask the creator of the star “

19. “Be patient. Your destiny is written by the best “writer”

20. “Never underestimate the power of prayer”

21. “Tawakal means we fully believe that God’s plan is the best”

22. “Be happy, don’t let sorrow destroy you. Say Alhamdulillah however the conditions are “

23. “Love those who see you when you are not seen by others”

24. “The biggest challenge in life is finding who you really are, the next biggest challenge is accepting happily with what you find”

25. “Never lose. Be victorious or learn from defeat “

Nah itu tadi di atas adalah kumpulan kata-kata motivasi islam dalam bahasa inggris yang bisa kamu coba share ke media sosial kalian dengan caption gambar kamu sendiri atau hanya dengan kata-kata saja. Semoga bermanfaat silahkan share ya jika berkenan.