30 Kata Kata Mutiara 1 Muharram Berbahasa Inggris

Hallo Shobatasmo – Merayakan atau memperingati 1 MuharramTahun Baru Islam di indonesia pasti dumulai dengan adanya acara kegiatan keagamaan atau tradisi, tabligh akbar pawai obor, Karnaval budaya, Pengajian dan masih banyak lagi kegiatan positif lainnya.

Meskipun demikian seluruh acara tradisi yang dilaksanakan bukanlah anjuran dalam ajaran islan akan tetapi selagi itu tidak haram dilaksanakan tentu bukan hal yang perlu dipermasalhkan karena semua kembali kepada keyakinan yang dianut oleh masyarakat.

30 Kata Kata Mutiara 1 Muharram Berbahasa Inggris

Tahun Baru Islam sekarang jatuh pada tanggal 1 September 2019. hari peringatan bulan Muharram ini adalah perayaan peringatan Tahun Baru Islam yang jatuh Hijriah setelah peringatan terakhir Dzulhijjah.

Kata kata ucapan mutiara tentang 1 Muharram di bawah ini bisa kamu gunakan di medisa sosial kalian untuk dijadikan status agar terlihiat lebih keren dan tentunya bagus dimata para teman kamu karena kata-kata dibawah ini adalah kata-kata mutiara 1 muharram dalam bahasa inggris

Kumpulan Kata Kata Mutiara 1 Muharram Berbahasa Inggris

Happy Commemoration of Islamic Holidays (PHBI) Muharram 1441 Hijriyah in 2019/2020 AD. May Allah SWT bestow His Grace upon all of us who intend to migrate and Istiqomah.

For the new period, it really starts with a new, clean white page, Happy Commemorating the Great Day 1 Muharram.

Happy Muharram 1 Day. May we be able to carry out the fasting of Tasu’a, Ashura and abandon deeds that are forbidden by the true teachings of Islam so that during the hijrah later inner readiness to face every challenge of life after the new year. “

In the new hijrah you find the meaning of a life that is istiqomah, in leaving everything that is unlawful then you feel His presence, Happy 1 Muharram 1441 H Islamic New Year 2019/2020 calendar Hijriyah. “

Congratulations 1 Muharram 1441 H Islamic New Year 2019/2020 Hijriyah calendar. Allah is with those who always remember their creation, contemplate it and feel Istiqomah in the midst of the temptations of the world that sometimes we make many mistakes and do the prohibited acts. “

With Muharram … will bring reflection to redirect, away from the crowd, away from feelings of anger, envy, and envy, dive into finding one’s true self, ask the deepest heart, and there is enlightenment of the hijrah, the sacred rays Almighty Allah SWT. Congratulations to commemorate 1 Muharram 1441 H Islamic New Year 2019/2020 Hijriyah calendar.

the word speechselamatcg advised Congratulations to commemorate 1 Muharram Islamic New Year 2019 1441 H, for those who celebrate. May Allah SWT always take care of us to love one another, forgive all mistakes and mistakes. Live in harmony and peace as the values ​​exemplified in the historical events of the Prophet Hijrah Muhammad.

By giving thanks and forgiving one another to forgive one another, to start a clean new year sheet makes 1 Muharram full of meaning. the latest congratulatory words wish you a happy Islamic new year 1441 for those of you who celebrate it wherever you are.

Little by little time has passed
Much history has been created
Many stories have been lived
Joy and sorrow Smile also laughter
And there must be mistakes in actions
Sorry for you
Let me start a new day with a new spirit of Muharram
Welcoming the beauty of this new Dawn with all prayers for salvation
Happy New Year 2019/2020 1441 Hijri

Let love shine on
Covered with starry nights
Luminous pearl in a prayer
Making Muharram’s practice full of hope

Today the Dhu al-Hijjah Month has changed
The year has also been replaced by a new one
Today 1 Muharram 1441 Hijri 2019 AD
As the Islamic New Year A new year to be celebrated with blessing

Only prayer can be said
Only dreams and hopes are always created
Hopefully in this new year everything will get better
For me alone ,, Family ,, Lover ,, and friends all …

Beautiful flashing stars,
Tempting the moon moon Muharram who is still shy,
Happy New Year 1441 H 2019/2020, Make all Muslims friends in Indonesia!
Many problems from a story
Nothing can be far from him
Even though everything was already wrong
Allow to ask for pleasure
Just apologize for all
For all wrong and prayer
Happy Hijri Islamic New Year !!

This New Year has many ways to be noble
Could be the night of the turn of the year to give self-motivation
Repair the previous year
May the blessings of Muharram be found
Wish you a Happy Muharram / Islamic New Hijri Year 2019 1441 AH

A life will end
Likewise with the Year
Although this is a birthday to the early month of Muharram
Not that repeat the same mistake
Happy Hijri Year!

There are many forgotten services
There are many practices missed
Make this year’s resolution
As the best resolution to improve the pronunciation of the word New Year 2019/2020 1441 Hijri!

Bulan Muharram smiled kindly,
Accompanied by beautiful stars,
Happy Islamic New Year 2019 May this year be more blessing
so start welcoming Muharram with worship. congratulations 2019/2020 Islamic new year 1441 Hijri!

There are many mistakes in saying
There are many mistakes in words
Be it intentional or not,
forgive for the oversight of the words Pronunciationselamatcg and family wish you a happy new year

New Year New Hope.
Let’s get ready for the day.
May Muharram 2019/2020 1441 H give a new experience,
for the sake of a better person

Pronounced wrong Not pronounced prop in heart
In this meaningful celebration, the word greeting is only able to wish a happy new year
The past is true
wedge block
In this meaningful celebration, the word greeting is only able to wish a happy new year

The past is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is hope. Along with the departure of memories, welcomed hope at 1 Muharram. Happy New Year 2019/2020 for all Muslims in the world!

words of congratulations say happy birthday to you dear boyfriend on your birthday more happiness because it is celebrated by many people around the world, really a special birthday together Hijri new year !!

New Year New spirit. Last year let it be last. Even though my heart is full of grief, let’s welcome the new year Hijriyah 1441! Together Muslims fight. Never get tired of new experiences. May your life be full of opportunities. Happy Islamic New Year!

Friend thank you until Muharram and this New Year you will always be a true friend, Hope you continue and forever !! Aamiin !! Days changed, the moon went away. The year did not miss changing to the hijri of the new year with new hopes.

Keep the spirit, the past is a memory, today is a scratch, tomorrow is hope. Congratulations “Marhaban Ya Muharram” New Year 2019/2020! Goodbye memories, welcome hope.

Although there is a word of unrequited love, but that does not mean in the New Year I do not want to say sorry. Because friendship will not be replaced even though the years have changed. Congratulations to commemorate the new year 1 Muharram 1441 H / 2019-2020 friends!

I always hope, the sun shines on your heart, success is always with you, happiness comes to answer your prayers and a smile is present on your face when the New Year comes. Congratulations Muharram 1 2019/2020 Islamic New Year 1441 Hijri!

Even though dusk has arrived. Tell a question
If the heart will hurt
If put wrong
Allow to ask for prayer So you can ask wrong
May the blessings of Muharram be found Happy New Year!

The heart will die without faith. Today is Overnight Reality is Tomorrow’s Memories are Dreams. Purify the Heart to Clear the Mind. Please welcome 1 Muharram Islamic new year positively! Happy New Year Hijri 2019/2020 1441!

Time passed, sheet-by-sheet has been passed.
Writing for the sake of writing has fulfilled, though sometimes meaningless, sometimes without meaning.
Hopefully this year each sheet has meaning, each sheet is useful.
Congratulations to Commemorate the Month of Muharram 1441 and the Islamic New Year 2019/2020!

Be thankful for what you have now Forget about hurting you.
Greet Muharram a new day with hope and enthusiasm.
words sayselamatcg advised congratulations on celebrating New Year 2019/2020 date of Islam 1441 Hijri!